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The WetSuit® liquid membrane is a fully self-adhered, cold spray applied, self-flashing membrane with a wide variety of uses for virtually ALL above and below grade applications.

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Over roof repairs that would normally take tear off we can spray directly over tpo, epdm, modified bitumen, SPF, and metal roofs. Applied to foundation wall, used as a pond liner, or even waterproofing exterior walls.  

Thickness / Durability

Since Wetsuit is spray fluid applied, you can chose what ever mil thickness suits the specific job in a single pass. This allows for architectural freedom and ease of application.


UV Stable, zero voc’s, highly impermeable, puncture resistant, crack bridging with 2124% elongation with full memory.


Only an installed applicator is allowed to installed Wetsuit systems which allow for an industry leading warranty.

Foundation fluid applied membrane system.

Wetsuit is environmentally friendly, which means no VOC restrictions. It is one of the select few materials on the market with a class A fire rating, 2124% elongation, and is proven as a viable air and capor barrier for the foundation of the building. Wetsuit also has an excellent cold resistance, which helps it remain flexible down to -30* F; ideal at the freeze/thaw line.


Case Studies

Here is a few “case studies” provided by Neptune Coatings that highlight the versatility of different Neptune Coatings systems.