Roof Maintenance

Salvo Architectural Roofing Contractors is known for its timely, high-quality service. In addition, we carry an application license with all major roofing manufacturers. Whether you’re in need of repairs or looking for proactive roof maintenance, we have the right roofing talent and experience to keep your roof in peak condition.

Maintenance Services

Salvo Architectural Roofing Contractors offers the following roof maintenance tune-ups and services:

  • Roof wellness reporting
  • Roof Tune Up annual preventative maintenance
  • Miscellaneous slate, tile, wood shake and other shingle replacements
  • Flat roof upkeep
  • Caulk joint repair
  • Ice dam correction
  • Minor tuck pointing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Power washing moss and dirt

Roof Tune Up

While we are happy to repair any damage to your roof, we would also love to be your roofing maintenance partner. Regular maintenance of your roof helps to avoid costly repairs down the road and ensures it is in the best possible shape to withstand Chicago’s intense seasonal weather.

Our Roof Tune Up is recommended annually as part of our preventative maintenance program. During the Tune Up, we inspect your entire roof system and replace any broken or missing slates, tiles or shingles. We caulk and patch any problems and clean debris from the roof and gutters. Power washing to remove moss and dirt build-up also is available.

Schedule a Repair

To learn more about proper roof maintenance or to schedule a repair, click here to contact us!

Regular roof upkeep can cut your costs and lengthen the lifespan of one of the most expensive investments in your home.